Background and Preparatory Materials

1st Day Homework Assignment to be submitted online here
The General Practice of Engineering Notes (rev3.6.1)
A Note on the Proper Documentation of Engineering Schematics (rev3.4)
The EDA Toolchain (rev2.4)

Tutorial Laboratory Sequence

Lab 1 (rev4.2.1), Allegro Design CIS, Orcad Capture (PSB 17.2)
      Reference Schematics (rev1.2)
Lab 2 (rev6.3.2), PCB Layout (PSB 17.2)
Lab 2.1 (rev3.4), Footprints (PSB 17.2)
Lab 3 (rev4.1.5), Design Verification using Gerbtool
Lab 4, Final PCB Project
     Led Thermometer
     Battery Charger
     FM Transmitter
     Audio Amplifier

Special purpose labs

The following are special tutorials required for the LPKF M60 Mechanical Board Router.
They are included here for future reference and used in classes like EE157, EE173 and EE129.
Lab 3.1 and 3.2 will be assigned the first week of EE157 next quarter.

Lab 3.1 (rev0.9) Circuit Cam
      Installation Guide

Lab 3.2 Board Master

LPKF Source documentation

Circuit Cam 3.2
Board Master 4.0

Protomat M60 Manual